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We are a private birth certificate and passport expediting service that can help you get a Birth Certificate (certified) and/or a Passport fast. We help you weave through the maze of complicated rules and regulations. In many cases, a birth record copy can arrive in 2-3 business days and a passport in 3-6 days.

For the birth certificate services, you’ll receive a State Certified long form birth record with raised, embossed seals or the equivalent watermarks. The birth certificate can be used to travel, obtain a driver’s license, passport or anything else that requires a certified birth certificate. And the birth record is sent directly to you from the State of birth by express courier.

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Get a birth certificate record in four easy steps:

Birth Certificate, also known as a birth recordStep 1: Click the state on the map below where the birth record is located.
Step 2: Read your state’s page, noting the fees and processing times.
Step 3: Click the order button and fill out the form.
Step 4: Submit your request.

If you’re getting a passport too, see instructions below map.

We can also help you get a Record of Birth Abroad if at least one of your parents was born in the United States. Click on this link: U.S. Citizens Born Abroad for fees and process times.

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State Certified –>Raised or Embossed Seal –>
Directly from State of your birth

We’re here to make the process to get a birth certificate easy and we always keep your information confidential. Simply fill out our online form with your name and address information, billing and shipping information, and verification information to order birth certificate online. You can also fax us the completed information to expedite your birth record. Either way, we guarantee speedy processing of your order and in many cases it will arrive in just a few short days. Click on your state to check out the specific time and fee requirements.

You can also order a birth record for those born abroad if one of your parents was born in the United States. Click on our Born Overseas link to start the same easy process if you are a citizen who was born in another country and need a certified birth certificate born abroad.

UPS speedy delivery –>In many cases, 2-3 day delivery –>
Your satisfaction is our goal!


Procedure for expediting both a birth record and passport

We can also expedite your passport in 3-6 business days after we receive your Gov’t Sealed Envelope. There’s a $14.00 discount for processing both.

Step 1: Follow instructions above or on our order form for a birth certificate.
Step 2: Wait for your birth record to arrive, read and follow instructions on our passport website in the meantime by printing the passport requirement page and getting all requirements together.
Step 3: Take all needed documents to your local acceptance agent (post office or county clerk to be sworn in) and seal up all documents in a Government Sealed Envelope.
Step 4: FedEx two things to us: Government Sealed Envelope and our Passport Order Form.

Please indicate on your order form that you want your passport processed too. You’ll be charged $59.00 expedite service fee for your birth certificate, $91.00 for your passport expedite service and $25.00 for FedEx shipment of your passport back to you when complete. The total expedite service fee is $175. This does not include the separate government fees for the two documents. Click here for complete Passport instructions.

An industry leader, we’ve been helping people with expediting important documents since March 2000.


All Four major credit cards can be used to process birth certificate order can only help you expedite records that are already on file with the state or county where your birth took place. We cannot help you create, change or amend birth records.