Authorization Letter

Passport Authorization Letter

Please print two copies of this page

(Please fill in the blanks and return to our office with your passport request. This Form MUST be on the inside of your sealed envelope.)

  • Passport Services
    Houston, Texas

    Dear Passport Representative,

    I, named immediately below...
  • (or "none"/"unknown")
  • (or "none")
  • ...authorize your office to discuss the status of and release my passport to: any representative of ‘Passport & Visa Specialists,’ my agents in expediting my passport.

    Thank you.


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If applicant is a child, then the parent will sign the child’s name.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Note to Applicant

1. This letter must bear the true and correct signature of the applicant.
2. A husband may not sign on behalf of his wife, or vise versa.
3. In the event that it becomes necessary this letter also authorizes “Passport Services” to mail passport back to our company ‘Passport & Visa Specialists’.
4. Passport & Visa Specialists is not responsible for delays in processing due to incomplete applications, missing or incorrect proof of US Citizenship, proof of identity, proof of travel, missing photographs, incorrect passport execution fees. I understand that delays in processing may occur due to the volume and workload at the passport agency and they are not the responsibility of Passport and Visa Specialists.

All passports may be obtained directly from the relevant government agency at lesser cost. We help our customers obtain their passport without going through long lines and hassle associated with dealing with the State or government office directly. Our passport expediting service fee is separate from these costs and includes expert assistance, a secure online order form with complete review of all required information, and expertise throughout the ordering process.